Unlocking Wealth: 7 Money Rules the Rich Won’t Share


Ever think about why some people make a bunch of money easily while others have a hard time? It’s a question we all ask when dealing with our money. 

What if I said there are simple money tricks that most people don’t know about on purpose? It might sound weird, but if it’s not a trick then how come some folks get rich super fast? The deal is, that rich people know some Easy Money Rules but they keep them to themselves. 

In this post, I’ll share the seven Money Rules the rich don’t want you to know.

1. Build multiple income sources

Build multiple income sources. The wealthy build multiple income sources because this grows their wealth and makes them more financially stable. They recognize that the more income sources they have, the faster they can create and build wealth. 

When compared to people with low incomes who only have one stream of income, it’s not wrong to feel comfortable and secure knowing you’ll have consistent money month in and month out. 

But what if one day you lose your job? Did you know that the average millionaire has seven income streams? It helps them succeed financially while having Peace of Mind knowing they don’t depend on one type of investment or job.

The rich don’t want you to know that they invest in various assets including bonds, real estate, and stocks. The rich also start a business. A Wealth X study published in 2019 found that 68% of millionaires with at least $30 million net worth made it themselves. 

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In addition, 88% of millionaires are self-made, so they didn’t inherit wealth, they created it. According to another study by Fidelity Investments, one way they did that is through starting a business. A lot of millionaires own businesses that make them an income.

The rich also own properties and earn an income through profits from the activities of companies in these properties, rental income, and value appreciation. They understand the benefits of real estate investments including a stable cash flow, portfolio diversification, steady cash flow, and Leverage. 

Speaking of portfolio diversification, the wealthy also create multiple income streams which may also include side hustles like Consulting alongside their full-time job. 

They also never stop learning, leading them to more and more opportunities. Part of improving their skills and expanding the value they add to other people’s lives, they invest in their skills and education resulting in higher-paying jobs and income opportunities.

And of course, they manage their money well as part of building multiple income sources. So regardless of their income level, budgeting and savings are a part of their lives. Not to mention they live below their means. 

This is something you should also adopt for yourself. While you’re building multiple income sources, save a large portion of the money you make.

2. Leverage the money of other people to create wealth

Use other people’s money or OPM to build a fortune. That’s how the rich generate wealth. Unlike the poor who trade time for money, the rich make money to work for them. And one of the ways they do that is to use other people’s money. It’s a well-known Financial strategy where you can use other people’s funds to invest and make money. 

For example, car insurance companies receiving $100 monthly premiums from 300,000 insurance policyholders will make them $30 million monthly. Insurance companies nevertheless generate revenue from policyholders. They charge premiums for coverage and they reinvest that money into other interest-generating assets. 

So from this example, using other people’s money can increase potential investment or Venture returns all without using one’s Capital. Another way that the wealthy use OPM is through borrowing funds from investors, Banks, or other financial institutions and then reinvesting this fund in income-generating assets such as stocks or real estate.

So with borrowed funds reinvested, the wealthy control the assets and then make investments that they’ve studied to become more significant in value than the amount they invested initially. And if such investments do well, they can amplify the potential gains. 

If you need more ideas about OPM examples, they are securing loans to start a business, buying real estate, and investing in stocks from other people’s money.

3. See opportunities and focus on the rewards

Ever wonder why the rich are successful? They’re willing to take the risk. Unlike many of us who see the obstacles on the horizon and focus on the risks, the rich see the potential opportunities in every situation. They don’t mindlessly take risks though. 

They take the responsibility for whatever happens in their lives. What’s their success mindset? It will work because I’ll work to make it work.

They go out there with a plan and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The reason behind this principle is if you won’t take charge of your life, then who will? Don’t focus on the risks nor see potential losses. Instead, focus on the rewards.

I know some middle-class folks with a slightly more positive mindset than the poor. Instead of “I know this won’t work,” they say, “I sure hope this can work.” And think of this: the higher the reward, the higher the risk. The rich are willing to take risks and are optimistic because they believe they can always get their money back. 

The poor have a different mindset. They see the Gloom when faced with a tough choice on the horizon because they expect failure and lack confidence in their abilities and themselves.

And so for this, they receive no reward. Why is that? It’s because there is no reward without a risk. Then the wealthy focus on what they want like to get rich. On the other hand, the poor focus on what they don’t want. 

Unfortunately, this mindset is what keeps them away from creating wealth. As you know, what you focus on expands. It’s simple. Don’t focus on failure and potential losses. Keep your eye on the goal and work towards it.

4. Commit to being rich

Commit to being rich. They commit to being rich, not just wanting to be rich. They’re devoted to achieving this goal wholeheartedly, meaning they do whatever it takes to be rich. Being clear that it’s what their heart desires, being fully committed to creating and Building Wealth. They are clear even with the messages they send to the universe. 

Unlike people experiencing poverty who have what-ifs and maybe. What if I become rich? Will others think that I don’t deserve it? For the rich, nothing holds them back because they’re clear with their desire to be rich, grow their investment portfolio, and amass wealth.

And they give their 100% all the time, even during times when they don’t feel like showing up or doing anything on a given day. For them, failure is not an option. They keep trying and pursue their biggest dream of being rich.

Are you willing to sacrifice time with your loved ones momentarily while building wealth? Yes, the rich do. Are you ready to take risks and invest startup capital in a new business venture without a success guarantee? Yes, the rich do.

5. Invest in yourself 

The most important investment you can make is in yourself said Warren Buffett by investing in yourself you increase your earning power in the end that’s why it always pays off to improve your Knowledge and Skills to be financially successful and remain competitive.

Some ways to invest in yourself are attending seminars and gaining professional certifications aside from investing in formal education the rich always look for growth areas and set personal development goals allocating resources energy and time to ensure they grow and evolve throughout their career and develop their skills.

To stay relevant to the job market and the evolving needs of companies the rich recognize the importance of this so they always upskill especially their leadership skills soft skills and digital skills plus they expand their Networks and Excel at it millionaires use their professional networks Better Than People experiencing poverty too tapping into them.

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More effectively than the the rest of us but listen this is not about signing up for expensive country clubs to hang out with the ultra instead networking is about using the resources and people around you including family members friends relationships and contacts other ways to connect with like-minded.

People are attending a networking event or a virtual leadership or career fair why do the rich expand their Network Better Business Opportunities exist from a solid Network the rich establish relationships and build trust among their Network.

Thus they enjoy better business networking opportunities than the poor however the rich do not only Network they also recognize the importance of positive influences it is because the people we surround ourselves with can influence who we are and what we become.

6. Bless other rich and successful people 

Another successful secret of the wealthy is that they admire other rich people they don’t resent and eny or become angry at them instead of feeling bad for others’ success they emulate them the rich take inspiration from other successful people.

This is the opposite for poor people who feel jealous and angry about the achievements and success of other people that’s why they don’t get rich they so hate the rich people and think of them as jerks this is prevalent today, especially social media where many high Achievers and wealthy people Flex their status and accomplishments.

Sometimes the poor even think that the rich make them poorer saying they accumulated all the money in the world so nothing’s left for them this is a victim attitude and again they’re playing the blame game pointing as many fingers at as many people as possible having thoughts and opinions about the rich isn’t a bad thing.

But remember your thoughts can either Empower or disempower you to be happy and successful listen you don’t need to be perfect to be rich you don’t have to be happy to be one either way you can still be prosperous but then you must focus on encouraging positive and empowering thoughts.

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Did you know that 98% of successful and Rich Americans are honest it’s the reason they’re rich how is that they are rich because other people can trust them with money and because they find more people who are willing to work with and for them and consider logical reasoning many people must trust you.

If you want to get rich and for all of them to trust you you must be honest and trustworthy while honesty and trustworthiness aren’t the only characteristics that the wealthy and successful possess.

They are two fundamentals so instead of resenting the rich try emulating the characteristics that make them rich in the first place some other qualities of the rich that make them successful are being an excellent and competent Communicator intelligent hardworking persistent and reliable and finally an expert in at least one industry or area.

7. Think long-term 

The rich think long-term and do not live on instant gratification they desire immediate pleasures and rewards they recognize that it is detrimental to their financial growth and success people with low incomes think the opposite.

They fall into the Trap of impulsive spending leading to financial shortcomings instant gratification can hinder the creation and accumulation of wealth think like the rich one of their success Secrets worth telling and applying in your life is sacrificing your desires and wants for future stability and rewards.

It’s one of the foundations of building long-term wealth avoid setting only short-term goals but consider the importance of long-term ones such as planning for retirement otherwise you’ll keep living paycheck to paycheck and might even take out a loan when an emergency arises develop the millionaire mindset.

And when it comes to business invest in the right companies long-term and avoid writing the changes in the stock market if you want to invest think long-term invest for years if you aren’t willing to own a stock for 10 years don’t even think about owning it.

For 10 minutes said Warren Buffett one of the wealthiest men on Earth that’s why you need to do your homework and pick your Investments wisely once you’ve invested in your chosen companies hold on to them for a long time for excellent results.

At the end of the day have patience and perseverance when working on your long-term goals whether Investments or personal finance if you like today’s video please give this a like And subscribe for more content like this.

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